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本文摘要:本文系原创,创作辛苦忙。侵权必追究,文后可赞赏。新观点500焦点词详解(9)service新观点英语第二册Lesson 5 生词service [sə:vis] n.业务,服务Service这个单词泛起在《新观点英语》第二册第五课最后一句中。 新观点英语焦点单词全解(9)大嘴英主要给粉丝朋侪们详细剖析service的基本词义,习用法及在常见谚语中的应用。


本文系原创,创作辛苦忙。侵权必追究,文后可赞赏。新观点500焦点词详解(9)service新观点英语第二册Lesson 5 生词service ['sə:vis] n.业务,服务Service这个单词泛起在《新观点英语》第二册第五课最后一句中。

新观点英语焦点单词全解(9)大嘴英主要给粉丝朋侪们详细剖析service的基本词义,习用法及在常见谚语中的应用。service出处一: 《新观点英语》第二册Lesson 5课文中的最后一句话是 In this way, he has begun his own private 'telephone' service.就这样,他开始自己的私人电话服务。service出处二: 2020年 9月4日 中国举行的中国(北京)国际服务商业生意业务会缩写CIFTIS中的最后一个字母S就代表的是service,其英文全称是China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services。Ⅰ. Service的焦点词义双解1. service.n.业务,服务,服务性企业(或、业务)a business whose work involves doing sth for customers but not producing goods; the work that such a business does①The bus service stops at midnight.公共汽车午夜停止服务。

②The store offers a gift-wrapping service.这家商店提供礼物包装服务。③A new late-night service is now operating.现在推出一项新的深夜服务。2.service 公共服务系统;公共事业 [C] a system or organization that provides for a basic public need,for example:the ambulance/health/postal/prison service 救护车服务/卫生系统/邮政系统/牢狱系统More local employment will be created, particularly in service industries当地会缔造出更多的就业时机,尤其是服务行业。

2.service [C or U] 系统的运行the operation of a systemThere isn't any railway service on Sundays. 星期天火车不运行。We hope to be operating a normal service as soon as possible.我们希望能尽快使服务保持正常运营。3 services (干道旁的)服务站 [通常都是用复数plural] a place at the side of a large road at which fuel, food, drink and other things that people want on their journey are soldWe stopped at the services to get petrol.我们在服务站停下来加油。4. service DEALING WITH CUSTOMER 与主顾打交道等的 接待;招待;服务, [U] the act of dealing with a customer in a shop, resturant or hotel by taking their order, showing or selling them goods, etc.①The only trouble with this café is that the service is so slow. 这家咖啡馆唯一的缺点就是服务太慢。

②The older we get the more we realize that service to others is the only way to stay happy. If we do nothing to benefit others we will do nothing to benefit ourselves. 我们年龄愈大,愈相识服务他人是保持快乐的唯一方法。我们若不做任何有益他人的事,也不会做任何有益自己的事。③I want to bring out the secrets of nature and apply them for the happiness of man . I don't know of any better service to offer for the short time we are in the world .(Thomas Edison , American inventor) 我想展现大自然的秘密,用来造福人类。我认为,在我们的短暂一生中,最好的孝敬莫过于此了。

(爱迪生)5.service 服务费 [U] an amount of money charged for serving a customer in a restaurant, which is often paid directly to the waiterThere is a 10% service charge included in the bill. 账单包罗10%的服务费。6. service , WORK 政府机构;公务部门的事情 [C] a government department that is responsible for a particular area of activitythe diplomatic service外交部门the security services宁静部门7. 服务时间;效劳时间 [C or U] the time you spend working for an organizationShe was given the award for a lifetime of public service.她一生为民众服务,因此获得奖励。8. services (可提供的)技术服务 [常用复数plural]formal the particular skills that someone has and can offer to othersI may be needing the services of a surveyor soon, as I'm buying a house.我不久可能需要一名衡宇判定人,因为我想买房。

Ⅱ. service熟词生高频考点 英语逆袭必备秘笈9. (熟词生义,考试热点)service服兵役;军队 [C or U] (work in) the armed forces①He joined the air force in 1964 and spent ten years in the service.他1964年到场空军,服役10年。②All men under thirty-five were told to report for military service within three days.所有35岁以下的男子都被要求在3天内到队伍报到。③I spent one year in the service and did not come back to the United States until after I was demobilized.我在队伍里呆了一年,直到复员以后才回到美国。

10. (熟词生义,考试热点)service [C] 一套餐具 a set of objects such as plates, cups or other things that are used in providing and eating fooda 24-piece dinner service 24件套的餐具a tea service一套茶具11.(熟词生义,考试热点)service n. [C] 修理, 维修(汽车或机械的检查和修理,是定期举行的) mainly UK a check and repair of a vehicle or machine that is done after regular periodsShe took the car in for a service yesterday. 她昨天把车送去检验了。12. (熟词生义,考试热点) service v. 检验;维修 to examine a machine and repair any damaged partsI'm taking the car in to have it serviced this afternoon. 我今天下午把车开来检验一下。


13. (熟词生义,考试热点) servicing 检验,维修 [Uncountable noun]Michael has taken the car in for servicing.迈克尔把车送去检验了。Ⅲ. Service习用语idioms14. in service,在服役;在使用中in use①The battleship has been in service since 1995. 1995年以来,这艘战舰一直在服役。②The plane has been kept in service far longer than originally intended. 这架飞机已经超期服役很长时间了。

③Cuts in funding have meant that equipment has been kept in service long after it should have been replaced. 资金的削减意味着早该换掉的设备一直在恒久运转。④The sign on the bus read 'Private: Not In Service'.巴士的标牌上写着“私家车:差池外出租”。

⑤He was interested in service, not self-aggrandisement. 他热衷于服务他人,而不是追求更高的名利。15. be in service,to be employed as a servant 当佣人,当仆人16. be of service (to sb), to help someone资助(某人);(为某人)帮助Thank you so much for that." "I'm glad to have been of service.谢谢你帮了我的大忙”“很兴奋能帮上你。

17. do sb a service, to do something to help someone 资助(某人)You've done me a great service - thank you.你已经帮了我的大忙——太谢谢了。Ⅳ. 其它含有service的常见习用语idiom⑴in service在服役;在使用中in useThe battleship has been in service since 1995. 1995年以来,这艘战舰一直在服役。(2)be in service,to be employed as a servant 当佣人,当仆人⑶be of service (to sb), to help someone资助(某人);(为某人)帮助I'm glad to have been of service.很兴奋能帮上你。⑷do sb a service, to do something to help someone 资助(某人)You've done me a great service - thank you.你已经帮了我的大忙——太谢谢了。

(5)其它含有service的习习用语①give/pay lip service to 口头上支持; 口头上赞成; 口头上认可②place at sb.'s service 听任某人使用③pay/present one's service to 向...致敬; 对(某人)作正式会见④do a service( to sb.)为某人效劳, 孝敬=do a favor to sb.⑤take sb. into one's service 招聘某人⑥take service 参军, 服役⑦take service with sb. 在...处做事[服务]; 侍侯某人; 为某人[机关]服务⑧take the service 首先发/开球⑨after service 免费的包修服务⑩at sb.'s service 为某人效劳; 随时提供服务(11)be in sb.'s service 在某人家里作佣人(12)be of service to 对...有用[有资助]=be useful to(13)of no service 无用(14)call on sb.'s services 请求某人资助; 要求某人协助(15)give service to 为...效劳in service 在军中服役, 在使用中;作帮工lip service 口头赞成; 没有诚意的保证off service 退役[职]go out of service 停止使用out of service 退职[役] 已不能用的;retire from service 退役[职]本文系原创,阅读先赞赏。侵权必追究,接待多赞赏。